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Building team unity, one pie at a time

There’s no “I” in team, but there is an “I” in pie, and the employees from Tomah’s U.S. Cellular store found out that there’s a lot more in common between pies and teams than they may have thought.

Bypassing traditional teambuilding activities, Manager Melonie Lamb instead chose a “Make, Bake and Take” class at the Cranberry Discovery Center. Melonie and her co-workers spent a Saturday morning in June baking cranberry pies together.

Teambuilding exercise at the Discovery Center

“A pie is made up of many separate ingredients, and when you put them together it all works,” Melonie explained. “Within a team, it is important to understand how every person is a ‘different ingredient’ and that you can have great results when all the ‘ingredients’ come together.”

As a former volunteer at the Discovery Center, Melonie knew the welcoming, warm atmosphere well, and figured it would be a neat opportunity for teambuilding.

Although six of the eight participants had never made a pie before this class, both Melonie and Natalie, the Discovery Center baker who led the class, agreed the whole group felt a great sense of success following the lesson.

Because of the low-level of experience within the group, Natalie’s class focused on making a simple, one-crust cranberry pie. The filling bubbles and cakes over the crust slightly as it bakes and is a great introduction to pie making.

“Everyone got to take home warm, oven-baked pies when they left, and you could see the feeling of accomplishment on everyone’s faces,” Natalie said.

Make, Bake and Take classes are offered through the Cranberry Discovery Center, and can be arranged by calling at 608.378.4878. Class capacity is 12 participants, and participants can make treats ranging from cran-apple pies to scones to cinnamon rolls.