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Museum Tours

Temporarily Closed!

The Museum area at the Wisconsin Cranberry Discovery Center is closed to the public.  We are creating new exhibits in the Museum and we can't wait to have you tour the updated Museum coming soon....

This unique Museum takes you back in time through the history of cranberry growing in Wisconsin. 


You will see machinery from the early years, used to grow and harvest the crop, as well as how methods evolved over the decades.


You will also learn much more about the cranberry itself, from how it's grown and harvested and its importance as a valuable food source.


  • INDIVIDUAL TOURS - Leisurely walk through the Museum at your own pace.

  • LARGE GROUP GUIDED MUSEUM TOURS -      Available for groups of 10 or more. Call ahead to schedule a guided tour. Perfect for:

    • Family Reunions

    • School Field Trips

    • Motorcoach Tours


  • Groups of 10 or more must call ahead to make a reservation.


Museum Admission Rates


Non-Guided Tours

  • Adults - $7.00

  • Students - (grades K-12) - $5.00

  • Children - (pre-K and under) - FREE

  • Family - (2) Adults & (2) Children $15.00 

Guided Tours

  • Large Group Tour - (10+ people) - $10.00 per person

What you will see on your tour of the Wisconsin
Cranberry Discovery Center Museum


the workshop

Come and explore what we call Albert’s workshop – an exhibit full of fascinating woodworking equipment custom made by growers to harvest the unique fruit, including the infamous handrake.


the dugout canoe

On permanent loan from the State Historical Society of Wisconsin, the canoe is nearly 11 feet long and a classic dugout shape. First used by Native Americans, dugout canoes were generally constructed out of a single log, shaped through repeated charring and scraping. Cranberries are native North American fruit and were gathered by Native Americans for use as food, medicine and dye.


the model t ford

Carl Getsinger owned two cranberry marshes that were located one mile apart. His cranberries would be ruined if they froze, so he needed to flood the beds to cover the vines and protect them from freezing. At the time, walking was his only form of transportation.

Eventually, Carl was able to buy a 1914 Model T truck to help with this cranberry chore. 

Stop by and see the 1914 Model T truck that helped Carl get the job done.


educational displays

Looking for a fun, hands-on way to test your knowledge about cranberries? Then you’ve come to the right place!


Our cranberry Museum offers a variety of exhibits such as slide boards, light up displays and a cranberry corralling game.


All ages are welcome to test their cranberry skills at the Cranberry Discovery Center.

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