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Wisconsin Cranberry History

In 1912, Oscar and Eva Potter purchased a six-acre cranberry marsh in Wisconsin that dated back to 1871. Later the family of Clinton and Ellen Potter opened a museum named Cranberry Expo.

Cranberry MuseumThe Potters dedicated themselves to the museum until in 2001, the family approached the Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers Association asking the organization to assume management of Cranberry Expo with the hope that it could be expanded at a new location – and that is exactly what happened.

In September of 2004, Cranberry Expo became the Wisconsin Cranberry Discovery Center and officially opened its doors at its current location. Renovation of the former Union Cranberry Company warehouse – built in 1900 from locally quarried sandstone – took about 6 months. The Warrens Cranberry Festival, Inc. and the Wisconsin Cranberry Discovery Center made investments to develop the Center’s museum, gift shop, ice cream parlor, and more.