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“Holiday Cranberry Candies” Recipe Contest Winners Announced

The winning recipes from our “Holiday Cranberry Candies” quarterly recipe contest had our mouths watering and delighted our test kitchen judges.

Congratulations to Amanda Green for winning first place with her “Cashew Cranberry Delights” (recipe below), Anna Rye for her second place “Cranberry Truffles” and to Karen Schmidt for her “Ruby Cranberry Gum Drops.”

All the winners receive prizes from the WCDC and have their recipes featured in our “Cranberry Chatter” newsletter and on our website!  Click here for the full recipes of all this quarter’s winners.  To enter our current recipe contest, please click here for all the details!

Amanda Green’s 1st Place “Cashew Cranberry Delights”


- 12 ounces salted cashew pieces

- 4 ounces sweetened dried cranberries

- 16 ounces caramels, unwrapped

- 4 tablespoons cream

- 10 ounces dark chocolate

- 8 ounces milk chocolate


Melt the caramels w/ the cream in the microwave, mix till all lumps are out.

Lightly grease two large cookie sheets and arrange the cashew pieces in small mounds.

Use a small scoop and place a round of caramel over each mound of nuts.

Push 4-5 sweetened dried cranberries into the top of each mound of caramel.  Place in the fridge and allow to firm.

Melt the two chocolates together and stir till smooth and no lumps.

Dip the firmed up nut/caramel mound into the chocolate and coat both sides.

Place on an ungreased cookie sheet and refrigerate till chocolate is hard.

Remove from cookie sheet and place in airtight container in cool place for up to a month.

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